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Offer of Cleaning Service in Ireland


Conditions of the Offer Cleaning Service in Ireland

  • Location: Ireland Hotels.
  • Salary:  €10.50 gross
  • Hours: Minimum 30 h/week
  • Possibility of extra hours
  • 2 days off per week


Participants will ONLY travel when the job has been confirmed, when all the conditions are correct, they have accommodation, and there is a closed start date.

You can choose a destination between Hotels in the countryside or Hotels in towns or small cities. Indicate your preference in the contact form. 

Accommodation and Meals Cleaning Service in Ireland

In Ireland it is not as usual, as in other countries, to have accommodation for employees. Therefore there are offers with and without accommodation. The hotel helps candidates with accommodation, but keep in mind that it is a help, not an obligation.

It is common for hotels that offer accommodation to be located in the countryside and those that do not offer accommodation to be in cities.

Hotels offering accommodation

Hotels that offer accommodation: The accommodation will be in the house of the staff, which is usually in the hotel complex. It will be provided by the hotel for a cheap price, around 100 euros/week.

The room is normally a shared room with someone of the same sex. Some hotels have single rooms available, but this cannot be chosen. Couples/siblings/friends will stay in the same room.

Advantages of the Cleaning Service Program in Ireland

If you feel like working and you are an active person who wants to increase your experience, now is your chance to work as a Cleaning Service in Ireland.

experience on your resume

An experience in hotels abroad will add a lot of value to your CV, take advantage of it!

The tourism sector is the economic engine of Spain, so having a resume with experience abroad will give you a great advantage. More and more companies in the sector are looking for better prepared professionals. Thanks to our programs you will have the necessary experience to access the best paid positions within the sector.


You will meet a new culture and wonderful people. You will have the opportunity to travel to incredible places. This will improve your resume and make you highly competitive when you decide to come back and face the Spanish job market.

improve english

It will be your official language. You will work and live speaking English with colleagues and guests. There is no better way to practice English than working and living with English speakers. Take advantage of this opportunity!


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