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Offer Work as a Laundry Helper Nursing Homes in Ireland


Conditions of the Offer Laundry Helper in Ireland

  • -Place: Ireland.
  • -Salary:  €10.30/h  gross
  • -Working hours: 40 h per week
  • -Accommodation: The company is looking for accommodation near the workplace and the price of accommodation is around €300 per month
  • -Bureaucracy: The company takes care of the PPS

Requirements for access to the Kitchen Helper program in Ireland

  • -Experience desirable but not essential .
  • -Conversational English.
  • -Criminal record.
  • -Age: from 21 to 45 years old.
  • -Excellent interpersonal skills.

Laundry helper job description in Ireland

Sort laundry into relevant groups, where appropriate, and run through the washer, dryer, and iron. Keep clean and dirty bedding separate within the laundry area. The following priorities apply: bed linen, towels, clients' personal laundry, napkins, tea towels.

Your Job Opportunity

From Enkana Services we offer you job opportunities to work abroad. Currently the labor market in Spain is very competitive due to the lack of offers, in order to differentiate yourself from other candidates it is necessary to have outstanding work experience, and working in other countries offers you that opportunity to differentiate yourself.

But not only do you get a differentiation with other candidates, it is that in European countries the working conditions are above Spain in terms of salaries, hours and with lower workloads. Countries like Ireland take into account the number of elderly people who are cared for by assistants, so as not to burden themselves with work and to be able to offer fair care to the elderly.

Program Advantages

We manage with you all the necessary paperwork to work in Ireland. We advise you on all the possible doubts that this great change entails.

  • -You will gain work experience
  • -You will perfect your English.
  • -Caring work environment.
  • -Fair wage.
  • -You will get to know another serious and committed work culture.

Experience on your resume

An experience in nurseries abroad will add a lot of value to your CV, take advantage of it!


You will meet a new culture and wonderful people. This will improve your resume and make you highly competitive when you decide to come back and face the Spanish job market.

improve english

It will be your official language. You will work and live speaking English with colleagues and friends. There is no better way to practice English than working and living with English speakers. Take advantage of this opportunity!


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