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Offer WoLarge Restaurant Chain / Hotel Chain in Ireland


Participants will ONLY travel when the job has been confirmed, when all the conditions are correct, they have accommodation, and there is a closed start date.


  • -Start date: NOVEMBER 2021
  • -Duration: 6 MONTHS
  • -Frequency ONCE A WEEK
  • -Time 1 HOUR

Our academy:

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first Training Academy in Ireland, now providing real value added support to our staff moving to Ireland. An online educational hub for training opportunities so we can grow together!

Course details:

  • Available to all staff joining and starting work in Ireland before 11/14/21.
  • Free online course.

The courses are taught 100% online.

English course for the hospitality industry, specifically designed to train you and improve your communication within the hospitality industry.

Study with students in Ireland!

Available jobs

  • -Supervisors
  • -managers
  • -Grill Assistant
  • -Baristas
  • -team members

Cities where jobs are offered

Location of the work center:  Shopping centers, gas stations, urban premises, etc…

NOTE: If the city of destination is Dublin , the accommodation price conditions change . The salary is also higher: 10, 50 hour/gross



We want your arrival in Ireland to be a success, which is why our EU placement team will support you with accommodation, so you can focus on your new job with us.


  • -The first 14 days of hosting free . Accommodation can be in a hotel, shared house or accommodation with Irish families.
  • -Location of the accommodation: We always try to make the accommodation close to work to walk , but if this is not possible, we will indicate how to get there by public transport, and if there is none, "employers provide transport".
  • After 14 days free; maximum €125 per week (Expenses included).
  • All accommodation will be managed professionally and to a good quality level.
  • The type of accommodation will be in a hotel, a room in a shared house or family accommodation. The apartments are delivered clean.
  • Expenses included.

NOTE: If the city of destination is Dublin , the accommodation price conditions change . The salary is also higher: 10, 50 hour/gross

NOTE: In no case can accommodation in a single room be guaranteed. In case of being able to offer it, the price of the room per week will be higher (it will be informed at the time) The rooms will be shared with people of the same sex.


Our team will help you find long-term accommodation that you can rent. If no long-term accommodation is found after 2 months, you will be able to stay in our staff accommodation until one is found.

We will email you an  IRELAND RELOCATION GUIDE , a document you will receive before you arrive in Ireland, with all useful information/applications for living in Ireland.

All working conditions

  • -Contract duration:  Indefinite with six months trial
  • -Weekly hours:  39 hours "by contract" (the rest of the hours are overtime)
  • -Working hours :  5 days worked, two days off
  • -Gross hourly wage:  €10.20
  • -Salary for Sunday work:  20% extra (€12.24 gross per hour worked)

Example of weekly salary based on 39 hours worked:

  • -Salary : €400 gross per week (€320 net)

NOTE: This salary is with a PPS number, because without PPS the state "retains 40%" of each payroll that it later returns.

Advantages of the Large Restaurant Chain / Hotel Chain Program in Ireland

If you want to work and are an active person who wants to increase your experience, now is your chance to work in Ireland.

experience on your resume

An experience in hotels abroad will add a lot of value to your CV, take advantage of it!

The tourism sector is the economic engine of Spain, so having a resume with experience abroad will give you a great advantage. More and more companies in the sector are looking for better prepared professionals. Thanks to our programs you will have the necessary experience to access the best paid positions within the sector.


You will meet a new culture and wonderful people. You will have the opportunity to travel to incredible places. This will improve your resume and make you highly competitive when you decide to come back and face the Spanish job market.

improve english

It will be your official language. You will work and live speaking English with colleagues and guests. There is no better way to practice English than working and living with English speakers. Take advantage of this opportunity!