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 You're lucky! Here we tell you down to the smallest detail WE BEGIN!

Next we are going to show you a list of the best paid jobs in Norway and that they have the most demand.

This selection of jobs in Norway is based on your Skill Level-Salary ratio. Don't miss them!

1. Work and live in Norway as a Teacher

This is one of the most demanded jobs in Norway because the Spanish coasts have become the favorite destination for Norwegians to spend their holidays.

However, there is a downside, you must master Norwegian to be able to work as a  teacher in the Nordic country . 

To gain experience, we advise you to look for work in Norway with less qualifications and become familiar with the language.

The average salary of a Spanish teacher in Norway is around €6,000 net per month , something that is very striking for all people who are looking to work in Norway and want to have a high income per month. 

To look for a job in Norway as a Spanish teacher you can do it in several ways, the first and most effective, through job agencies in Norway and the second through web portals of employment in Norway for foreigners and signing up for published offers. 

2. Live and Work in Norway as an Au Pair

This is another of the most in-demand jobs in Norway. It is very attractive, especially for younger people who are looking to improve their level of languages ​​while earning extra money. 

When you emigrate to Norway to work as an Au Pair you will not have to worry about accommodation or food, since you will live with the host family and you will have these expenses covered. 

The quality of life in Norway offered by this type of employment is very attractive, you only have to take care of the children of the host family , accompany them to school, extracurricular activities...

In addition, you will considerably improve your language level and you will be able to work in Norway in any type of job in your free time if you wish. 

You can work as an Au pair in Norway by leaving your application in agencies or on the website of job offers in Norway.

3. Work in Norway as an Engineer

Another job in Norway that needs the most labor is related to the engineering sector. This is due to the growth and great innovations of the country. 

Nowadays it cannot be established that one engineering stands out more than another, but that they all need qualified labor.

The salary for working in Norway as an engineer is around €11,000 net per month. You can access these engineering job offers in Norway through agencies that take care of everything for you.

However, before looking for a job in Norway as an engineer, you should know that your level of English must be high , since the local language, along with Swedish and Danish, is the most widely spoken, and not everyone knows these languages, so Your way of communicating at work will be English. 

4. Find Jobs in Norway on Farms

Many companies established in Norway are dedicated to the exploitation of livestock and agriculture. This has opened up endless opportunities to work in Norway on farms and in greenhouses. 

The reasons to work in Norway in this sector are many, but the one that has the most weight is the scarce local workforce in this type of work , which means that you can be hired in the same week as your application. 

To go to work in Norway on a farm you must have a medium level of English , with which you can defend yourself at least to begin with. 

In most of the offers to work in Norway on farms, you have room and board included , and their salary ranges around 1,600 net per month. 

To undertake in Norway in this sector you must do so through agencies or an official employment website in Norway where you can send your application. Our recommendation is that you do it through agencies, since they take care of all the necessary paperwork so that you can find a job in Norway without complications. 

5. Jobs in Norway for Volunteering

Looking for a volunteer job in Norway is the best option if you have little money and cannot afford the first few weeks in the country. 

The average salary and cost of living in Norway is high , and that is why many young people choose this form of entrepreneurship in Norway

In Norway you can do all kinds of volunteering , from health volunteering, social volunteering, animal volunteering...

How to find a job in Norway? STEP BY STEP GUIDE

In this practical guide we summarize and provide you with the necessary details so that the job search in Norway is as efficient as possible. 

You will go straight to the point and you will be able to emigrate to Norway to work without surprises  . Pay attention!

Step 1: Choose the most suitable Job in Norway for you

Before traveling to Norway in search of employment, you must be clear about the offers you want to apply for.

Otherwise, you will not be able to focus your efforts on one thing and the result may be negative. 

Looking for a job in Norway is something simple , but there are times when you opt for an infinity of jobs in Norway, many opportunities escape you because you cannot cover all the interviews. 

To find a job in Norway, we recommend that you choose a sector in which you meet the requirements, you are qualified and put all your effort and time into getting a job in Norway in that field. 

Step 2: Choose the destination city to search for a Job in Norway

The Norwegian labor market is very uneven and not all cities have the same salary.

The cities with the most lucrative job offers in Norway for Spaniards are Oslo, Bergen and Stavargen.

Our recommendation is that you look in these cities so that you can get a job in Norway where you feel comfortable and the salary is above average. 

Step 3: Make your CV to Work Norway

One of the keys to accessing the Norwegian labor market is having a good resume . This increases your chances of getting a job in Norway as soon as possible. 

In Norway , neither a photo nor the age of the job seeker is attached. Visit google ways to prepare a resume to work abroad correctly. 

Step 4: Apply for your visa and work permit in Norway

To work in Norway as a foreigner you must have all your documentation in order and meet the requirements established in international agreements. 

If you belong to the European Union, you will not need a visa, just your ID or passport is enough . If your employment contract is longer than three months , you must apply for a residence and work permit in Norway. 

To request it, you will only need the work contract in Norway and your valid ID or Passport.

We recommend that you request the foreigner card for issues related to subsidies, unemployment, social security...

Step 5: Contact Agencies to find Work in Norway or Register or visit Web Portals

Whether you are looking for how to be self-employed in Norway or work for companies in Norway , it is recommended to do it through agencies and specialized web portals. 

On our website we offer you all the necessary information on how to apply for a job in Norway, the steps to follow, the best agencies and everything related to work in Norway or anywhere in the world. 

Browse through all our urls and you will find endless opportunities to work abroad.

Step 6: Next stop Work in Norway!

You already have clear working hours in Norway, Norwegian vocational training, salary in Norway, the workplace in Norway, now all you have to do is pack your bags and start your trip. 

If you are still not sure about accommodation , and you have found employment in Norway on your own, we recommend that you visit Facebook groups and other social networks to contact Spaniards who work in Ireland and you can share accommodation with them or provide yourself with valuable information. where to stay for the first few weeks. 

Step 7: Open your account at a bank in Norway

The first weeks of life in Norway can be somewhat chaotic , the language, customs, schedules... However, there is something you cannot miss, opening a bank account in Norway!

In order to work in Norway and receive a salary , you must have an open bank account in a local bank. If you are a citizen of the European Union, all you need is your passport. 

On the other hand, you must register with the public employment service in Norway if you are going to work autonomously, in the event that you are hired by a company in Norway, they will take care of this process. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Norway Jobs 2022

Below we will answer all the questions you may have before going to live and work in Norway, LET'S BEGIN!

1. Requirements for Jobs in Norway

The requirements to work in Norway vary depending on your nationality.

In the case of Spaniards, they do not need any type of permit or visa to travel to Norway , but to look for a job in Norwegian and exercise, they will need to acquire a residence and work permit in Norway.

This type of permit to work in Norway must be requested at the (Service Center for Foreign Worers ) within the first 90 days of arrival in the country.

In the case of citizens of third countries of the European Union who want to go to work in Norway, they will have to meet stricter requirements , which you will have to request information from the immigration authorities of your country of origin.

The rest of the requirements that you must meet to find a job in Norway will depend on those specified in each job offer in Norway in which you apply.

2. Norway wages

If you wonder what life is like in Norway just by looking at their salaries, your question will be answered. The salary for working in Norway is around €4,500 net on average per month.

Youth employment in Norway is the best paid in the European Union and is among the 10 countries with the highest salaries in the world.

However, the salaries of qualified jobs in Norway (directors, managers, entrepreneurs...) are not far from those of low-qualified labor, this being something that draws a lot of attention when you come to live in Norway.

This is so because it is the unions that negotiate the salary of the workers at the time of starting a job and the pressure from them is very effective.

3. Why work in Norway?

What does Norway have that even its extremely cold climate does not prevent many Spaniards from wanting to go to live and work? Well, Norway is one of the most developed countries in the world and has an average salary of €3,900 per month.

In addition, by living in Norway, you can be a beneficiary of one of the most prestigious health and social security systems in the world. Another important fact is the country's crime rate , which is extremely low.

To all this we must add a great culture and a sustainable biological system.

For this and for many other reasons, emigrating to Norway to work is a more than attractive option for many Spaniards.

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