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 Are you considering working and living in Malta? If so, you should take a look at our work guide. In it you will know all the necessary information to go to work abroad without surprises.

The Types of Jobs in Malta most in demand in 2022

In Malta there is a high demand for labor , but what types of work in Malta are the most in demand?

Below we show you which jobs in Malta are easier to access to start as soon as possible.

1. Work in Malta as an Au Pair

When looking for a job in Malta, the Au Pair option is one of the most requested . Most of the people who want to apply for this type of employment in Malta are young people who want to learn English .

In this sector it is easy to work in Malta in just a few months and your role will be to live with a native family of the place and help them with their children (accompany them to school, do homework and leisure...)

Salaries in Malta for this type of work are not very high , but you have the great advantage that accommodation and meals are included.

It is recommended that you look for these jobs in Malta for foreigners through agencies or specialized web portals , since in addition to taking care of all the paperwork so that you can live and work in Malta without complications, you will enter their employment exchange in Malta having more chances of being hired.

2. Employment in Malta as a Waiter

Working in Malta in the hospitality sector is a highly recommended opportunity if you don't know where to start. This country has become the favorite destination to spend the summer , so the workforce for the hotel sector is necessary throughout the year.

This option is the easiest to work in Malta , since it does not require experience, studies or a high level of English, moreover, this job is preferred by people who want to study English and work in Malta.

The drawback of these job offers in malta, are the salaries. The working day is around 10 hours on average per day, charging approximately €75 for a full day.

However, if your intention is to study English and work in Malta at the same time, it is a great option since English is very widespread in this country and you will practice it continuously to interact.

3. Work in Computer Science Malta

This is the sector in which we can find more Spaniards in Malta, but if you want to get a vacancy, you must have a good command of English.

Unfortunately, the IT sector in Spain is not very lucrative, which is why Spanish-speakers seek to work in companies in Malta as IT specialists.

These types of employment in Malta are not as accessible as that of a waiter or a cook, although if you have the necessary requirements it is very likely that you will have a job for many years.

Computer salaries in Malta are around €1,900 net per month , with a working day of 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

You can start looking for a job without being in Malta as an IT person through web portals like ours or specialized agencies that advertise on the Internet.

4. Work in Malta as a Diving Monitor

This type of work is more seasonal , with the months from March to November being the most lucrative for diving instructor employment in Malta.

The island has numerous diving schools, if you have enough knowledge and qualifications it is a good opportunity to work in Malta in the summer.

In this type of jobs, you can work in Malta in your native language. Salaries are around €1,600 net per month, with the working day not exceeding 4 hours a day, since daily dives cannot exceed this figure.

You will have a better chance of being hired if you already have experience working in Malta or any other EU country as a diving instructor.

You can access these jobs through Spanish companies in Malta or through agencies and specialized web portals , which we detail later.

5. Jobs in Malta in Online Casinos

In the last year, bookmakers and investment companies have grown enormously in the country, and to continue growing they need customer acquisition and telephone service personnel.

If you want to work without languages ​​in Malta, these jobs are your best option, as they need to serve clients from all over the world. Salaries are not usually high, around €1,300 net per month.

The job opportunities in Malta offered by this sector are many , since the casino and sports betting sector is booming.

It is also a job used to go to Malta to perfect English, since the requirements are not very demanding. Access this business model in Malta through agencies or specialized websites like ours .

The Best Job Seekers in Malta and Specialized Agencies

Below we will show you the best web portals to study English and work in Malta in 2022.

This list has been compiled taking into account the views of people who have experience working in Malta.

1. Web portal for work in Malta, Work for the World

This is our website and we have become a benchmark in the sector , offering quality information about jobs in Malta as well as for any other foreign country where you want to live and work.

Through Work for the World you can improve your quality of life, gain work experience, go abroad to live and work without surprises.

Get all the information you need just by contacting us via email, whether you want to apply for jobs in Malta or any other country you want.

2. Employment Agency in Malta, Vacancy Center

The employment opportunities in Malta offered by this agency are very attractive. Its operation is simple, and it is none other than making labor available to companies established in Malta, both qualified and unqualified.

This agency has more than 10 years of experience helping foreigners find work in Malta, offering both clients and applicants the best options.

To access their job offers in Malta in this agency you just have to register on their website , sign up for the job offers in Malta and upload your CV to the platform

3. Job search web portal, LinkednI

This is not a proper Malta job search agency, but it works and is more efficient than many on the Maltese job market.

This job search website in Malta is one of the largest online. In its beginnings it was created as a social network, but as it has evolved, its reason is precisely to offer users work and companies to find workers through profiles.

As an interesting fact, it is currently the professional social network with the most business opportunities in Malta of the entire network.

Quick guide to work in Malta in 2022

If you want to study English and work in Malta , you cannot ignore this practical guide .

In it we will clarify the most common doubts you may have to look for work in Malta . Do not miss it!

Step 1: Choose the most suitable Job in Malta for you

Before leaving for Malta to work, you must be clear about the sector in which you are going to undertake, what their salaries are like, working conditions, requirements, experience...

Analyze well the world of work in Malta that you want to access, not all are equally lucrative and the possibility of working in Malta varies from one to another.

Step 2: Choose the destination city to search for a Job in Malta

Not in all the cities of Malta the quality of life is the same and of course the job offers in Malta are not the same either.

Cities such as Valletta, Mdina, Marsaxlokk and Rabat are the ones that receive the most foreign labor.

Step 3: Make your CV + cover letter Maltese style to Work Malta

If you are not one of those people who embarks on an adventure and decides to go to Malta to live without previously finding a job, you will need to have a good CV since those who have decided to travel to Malta take advantage of you.

With having a good CV we do not mean that you are a highly qualified person, but that you know how to sell yourself well with a good photograph, a good design, take good care of your words...

All this adds up points when it comes to finding a job in Malta, don't overlook it!

Step 4: Apply for your visa and work permit in Malta

The next step will be to prepare all the necessary documentation to access jobs in Ireland for Spaniards.

As a citizen of the European Union , you will only need your Dni and Valid Passport. Once you arrive in the country you must apply for a residence and work permit for a duration of three months . But this is only done once you are hired for a job in Ireland.

Step 5: Contact Agencies to find Work in Malta or Register or visit Web Portals

Looking for a job in Malta from Spain may seem somewhat cumbersome if you have never done it before, although the reality is different.

You can find and apply in Cyprus easily and quickly thanks to web portals like ours where you have all the information you need to start on your own.

Or if you prefer, you can do it through specialized work abroad agencies , with the inconvenience that they will charge you a commission for carrying out all the paperwork to work in Cyprus.

Step 6: Open your account with a Maltese bank

Finally, in order to work in Malta and collect your salary, you must open a current account in a local bank.

You will only need the registration certificate and your work visa in Cyprus or passport.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jobs in Malta

Below we will resolve the most common questions that arise for people who want to find work in Malta.

1. How to find a job in Malta?

To look for a job in Malta you have different alternatives , from leaving your CV cold (as usual) to registering on websites and going through work agencies in Malta.

This second option is the easiest and most comfortable if you want to go and work in Malta continuously. They take care of everything (flight, accommodation, job search, documentation...) yes, they will take a small commission from your salary in Malta.

Here we leave you some of the most well-known work agencies in Malta:


2. What is the Minimum Wage in Malta?

The minimum wage in Malta is very similar to that of a Spanish worker , being around €780 per month.

This does not mean that salaries in Malta are of this amount, but rather that it is the minimum you are going to charge for a 38-hour work week.

The average salary for a job in Malta is around €2,000 net per month, plus 2 extra pay per year and 22 working days of paid vacation.

3. Requirements to work in Malta

The requirements to work in Malta are different depending on whether you are a citizen of the European Union or not.

Community citizens are beneficiaries of many more rights than other people outside the Member States.

Before going to Malta to work, the latter need a work permit in Malta, which is issued by the government of the country and which is often rejected.

However, EU citizens only need to have a valid passport and apply for a Maltese Id if they want to live and work in Malta for a long period of time.

4. Work with languages ​​in Malta

If you want to go to work in Malta on the fast track, this is the best way. People who are looking for jobs in Malta and speak more than two languages, finding a job will not be difficult for them.

If you have not yet been selected for any job on the island of Malta, we advise you to take English courses, since this is the most widely spoken language in the country and thanks to it, many opportunities for jobs in Malta will open up for you. .