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Greece is a Mediterranean country in which tourism is one of its leading sectors and where you can find many job opportunities.

Next we are going to shed some light and help those people who want to know how to work in Greece and make the search as comfortable as possible.

Job Offers in Greece   in Most Demand

1. Work in Greece as a Spanish Teacher

2. Hotels

3. Cook

4. Cleaning

5. Work in Greece in Summer as a Lifeguard


We present you a survival kit to live and work in Greece and in which we will answer all the questions you may have, in addition, you will find advice and content based on the experience of other person in Greece in search 

What are the Best Jobs in Greece for Spanish Speakers?

We have prepared a ranking with the 3 best jobs in Greece for young people. This list is based on the opinions collected in the last 5 years of people who have gone to work in Greece from scratch, offering us their opinions in a selfless way and with the intention of helping others in their search for a job in Greece in 2022.

Work in Call Centers in Greece

If you speak several languages, working in Greece can be a good option, as there are many call centers for people who speak different languages. Among them, Spanish is one of the most requested, so this is one of the first options we can think of to work in Greece as a young person.

Work in Hospitality in Greece

Hospitality jobs in Greece are the easiest to access and you don't necessarily need to know languages. However, with a good command of English you will have a better chance of earning a living in Greece at a young age.

Work Teaching Spanish Classes in Greece

Spanish is a language in high demand in Greece and this is due to the large influx of Spanish-speaking tourists they receive throughout the year. So much so, that some companies are looking for people to work in Greece giving Spanish classes for their employees.

If you see yourself qualified to work teaching Spanish in Greece, don't miss this opportunity and get in touch with the agencies that are responsible for publishing this type of job offers in Greece for young people.

Where to Look for a Job in Greece if you speak Spanish?

The best solution is to search through various job portals in Greece for young people. In them you will be able to find those offers just by putting “Spanish” in the search engine.

Some of the portals for job offers in Greece are:

  • Linkedin.
  • Graduateland.
  • EURES.
  • Kariera (Google translate needed if you don't speak Greek).
  • HigherEdjobs, very useful for teaching Spanish in Greece.

How are the Working Conditions in Greece for Young People?

Working conditions in Greece are somewhat peculiar, although they do not differ much from the rest of the countries of the European Union. By law, it is stipulated that the working day may not exceed 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

Anything that exceeds what is stipulated will be considered “overtime”. According to statistics, Greece is the European Union country that works the most weekly hours, which leads us to think that the number of overtime hours is quite high.

This is something positive and negative, since it depends on your objectives and the quality of life you want to have, working in Greece for many hours can give you a high number of income or, on the contrary, take away a lot of free time.

Regarding annual vacations, in jobs in Greece for young people you have 20 working days a year, to which are added national holidays.

In relation to the salary of the jobs in Greece, they are not as high as in the Netherlands or Ireland, we could say, that they are more similar to those in Spain, so they are around €758 net per month for 14 payments per year.

This is approximate and indicative, but you can get a slight idea of ​​what you can earn in the Hellenic country as a young person.

Do I need a Visa or Authorization to Work in Greece?

Spaniards do not need a visa to work in Greece, but after three months from your arrival in the Hellenic country you will need a residence and work permit to live and work in Greece.

This is the same for all EU countries, not being applicable to Extra-Community countries that DO require a visa to work in Greece.

Is the Academic Degree useful for Jobs in Greece for Young People?

If you are from the European Union, as is the case in Spain, and your degree is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, you will only have to validate the degree and you will be able to work in Greece without problems.

However, you must bear in mind that for your qualifications they must be translated into Greek. To carry out this type of procedure, you can consult it at the Embassy of your country in Greece, although if you have your homework done, much better!

The official language. What language is spoken in Greece?

The official language is Greek, as always, it will be a good advantage to work in Greece to know some Greek to acclimatize yourself to the country. Although in many of these jobs you will be able to communicate in English, that will not be the case in daily life, so learning Greek is highly recommended.

Before arriving, you can look for online courses, so that your arrival in the country is not so "traumatic", remember that the first step to "find your place to work in Greece" in a new country is from the local language.

What do I have to take into account before going to live and work in Greece?

If you are Spanish and live on the Mediterranean coast, you will not notice much difference in terms of climate and gastronomy. The standard of living is somewhat cheaper than in the rest of the EU countries, although salaries in Greece are also lower.

When you arrive in Greece to work, you must request the documentation that will allow you to work legally. If you are one of those who embark on an adventure without having previously agreed to work in Greece, you can register as a job seeker in Greece on the country's official website.

To do this, you will need a document called “Ádia Paramonís”, which is necessary to carry out any type of management if you want to live and work in Greece. 

Other than that, it is quite an attractive country for any young foreigner who wants to work and earn a living.


As always, in the decision to go to a place you will find pros and cons, and it is up to each person to know what they give more importance to. Gather testimonials, talk to people and if Greece is a good place for you, do not doubt that things will go well.

Remember that the country went through a serious economic crisis not many years ago and they are still recovering. In our opinion, Greece is a place with a good opportunity if you are young and looking for an international experience. In addition, it is a very interesting country both from a cultural point of view and for its thousands of islands that, at least once in a lifetime, must be visited.