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Work In CYPRUS In 2022


Cyprus is a great destination if you are looking for something similar in terms of climate and Mediterranean cuisine. If you plan to move to Cyprus to work, you must take into account several aspects so as not to be surprised.

Here we will reveal everything you need to know to move to Cyprus to work and not die trying.

Job Offers in Cyprus  in Most Demand

We present the most demanded jobs in Cyprus  and those that you can access with relative ease.

We will show you some of them, although you should know that in Cyprus you can work practically whatever you want. Take note and decide!

1. Work in Cyprus as an Au Pair

On the Cypriot island you can find endless opportunities to work, but without a doubt the Au pair job is one of the most recommended  who want to work in Cyprus.

To find an Au pair job in Cyprus you must meet a series of requirements and be accepted by the host family.

Normally, people who are dedicated to looking for work in Cyprus taking care of children, are young and seek to improve their level of languages.
The recommended thing to do when looking for a job in Cyprus as an Au Pair is to do it through job agencies in Cyprus or specialized web portals like ours, in which we will offer you all the necessary information so that you can start without problems.

2. Work in Cyprus as a Cook

Working in Cyprus for Spaniards as a cook has become one of the most interesting jobs due to the working conditions offered and the salaries they pay. 

Many restaurants, hotels and establishments related to the gastronomic sector have sought to make changes in their businesses in Cyprus , which has opened up opportunities to work in Cyprus as a Chef. 

To access these jobs in Cyprus you can do it in two ways. The first, by contacting agencies and opting for the best work programs in Cyprus and the second through specialized work portals or websites in Cyprus like ours.

In the second option to live and work in Cyprus, the information you will receive will be totally selfless and for the purpose of helping, since absolutely nothing is charged, unlike the job offers in Cyprus provided by the recruitment agencies in Cyprus.

3. Job Offers to Work in Cyprus in Hotels

Living and working in Cyprus in Hotels is one of the easiest ways to go abroad to work if you have few economic resources to survive the first weeks in the country.

The island of Cyprus has become the favorite destination for many tourists and for this reason, local hotels need a lot of labor and not only natives of the island, but also people who want to work in Cyprus and are from other countries, since that different languages ​​are spoken on the island.
That said, if you are Spanish and want to look for work in Cyprus in hotels, you will have endless opportunities to work on the island of Cyprus! since it is one of the most requested languages ​​along with English.

In the job market in Cyprus in this sector you can apply for positions as receptionist, waiter, kitchen assistant, cook, bellman, maintenance...

 4. Working in Cyprus as a Nursing Assistant

The job search for Cyprus as a nursing assistant has been on the rise in recent years due to the high demand in the health sector.

Thanks to the jobs in Cyprus as nursing assistants, solutions have been given to many of the needs that this sector presented, opening up a great opportunity for foreigners who are looking for work in Cyprus.

The salary in Cyprus in this sector is very well paid and not only the most qualified, such as doctors, specialists and health management positions, but also Cyprus jobs as a nurse, assistant, caretaker... reaching €1,900 net monthly.

The drawback is that you will only be able to apply for seasonal work in Cyprus in private health centers , since to access the public employment service in Cyprus you must have permanent residence, something that after a few years working on the Cypriot island you will be able to acquire.

Like the rest of the jobs that we have presented to you, it is advisable to investigate web portals like ours if you really want to know what it is like to work in Cyprus or apply for jobs through specialized agencies that you can also find on our website.

5. Find a Volunteer Job in Cyprus

This is another of the job opportunities with accommodation in Cyprus preferred by the youngest and by people who find it difficult to obtain visas and work permits in Cyprus.

When looking for a job in Cyprus as a volunteer you will find very attractive projects, related to the conservation of the natural world, care for the elderly, working in Cyprus in camps, care and insertion of animal fauna...

For these jobs you will not need any work permit in Cyprus , but your stay is limited, until your situation in the country is resolved.

To find a position in Cyprus as a volunteer, you must do it through specialized agencies, sending them your application and CV

You can access these agencies to find work in Cyprus through our website , in the “Agencies” section we will give you all the information you need so that you can work and live in Cyprus as soon as possible.

Best Web Portals to find Job Offers in Cyprus

Below we show you the most effective agencies and web portals to find a job in Cyprus on the entire network.

1. Work Abroad for Youth

Our website has become a benchmark in recent years as the best web portal to work in Cyprus and in other countries in the world.

We offer information and all the details to find a job in Cyprus or any country that interests you.

We make your job search before you leave for Cyprus as easy as possible and you won't be in for any surprises when you arrive.

It is without a doubt the best option to look for a job in Cyprus if you want to start as soon as possible.

You just have to send us an email or leave us a comment on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible, providing you with the information you need about employment in the Republic of Cyprus.

2. Job Offers in Cyprus with IAGORA

Iagora is a job portal in Cyprus that offers different possibilities to go to Cyprus. These include job search Cyprus, paid internship in Cyprus and study in Cyprus with accommodation.

It is on our list of the best agencies to work for in Cyprus because it is the only one that offers so many possibilities.

One of its cons is the user experience on its website, which is somewhat cumbersome and confusing. However, its effectiveness in the Cyprus job search makes it an option that you should not overlook.

To access the Cyprus job offers on this web portal, all you have to do is simply register and send your CV and the documentation that is requested in the event that you are selected for a job opportunity in Cyprus.

3. Employment Opportunities Cyprus with Ekana Service

This is the most recommended online agency to Work Abroad in European countries.

Of course, after having offered work abroad to more than 1,500 people in the last three years, it has become a benchmark in the sector.

In fact, Cyprus is one of the star destinations of this agency, having only one clear rival and that is jobs in Ireland.

To opt for the Cyprus job offers of this agency, simply register on its website, sign up for the ones that interest you the most and meet the requirements, and wait to be selected.


We have put together this guide to work in Cyprus to help you start your professional career and make it easy to find a job in Cyprus.

Step 1: Choose the Work in Cyprus before leaving

Some people who want to live and work in Cyprus decide to look for a job on the spot , that is, once they arrive in the country. 

This has its pros and cons . Hiring for a job in Cyprus is likely to be quicker but you should have some savings to live on for at least a couple of months. 

If the latter is not your case, we recommend looking for a job in Cyprus before leaving. This will give you much more security and you will have the certainty that you will be able to pay the rent and bills at the end of the month.

Step 2: Choose the destination city to search for a Job in Cyprus

If you want to live in Cyprus, the best cities to work in are Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

These cities are the most touristic and where you will have the best chance of finding a job in Cyprus , since the large companies are located in these places. 

In addition, they are also the most populated cities in Cyprus and where you can choose the most leisure and fun activities. 

Step 3: Make your CV + cover letter Irish style to Work Cyprus

This point is very important to find a job in Cyprus. You have to keep in mind that companies do not know you and that they will base your hiring based on what they see on your resume to work in Cyprus. 

Having a well-presented, clear and legible resume will give you a great advantage over other applicants for jobs in Cyprus. 

Step 4: Apply for your visa and work permit in Cyprus

Before going to Cyprus to work you must have all the documentation in order and check that you meet the requirements to work in Cyprus without problems.

You can issue or request the necessary documentation at your nearest national police station or, if you are a foreign resident in Spain , you must do so through the consulate of your country of origin.

Step 5: Contact Agencies to find Work in Cyprus or Register or visit Web Portals

Looking for a job in Cyprus from Spain on your own can be tedious and you have many chances that you won't find it in the end.

What we recommend is that you do these job searches in Cyprus through agencies and specialized web portals, since they have a large database and job vacancies in Cyprus for people of all profiles.

Step 6: Next stop Work in Cyprus!

If you have already found a job in Cyprus, all you have to do is say goodbye to your friends and family and take a cheap flight to Cyprus and start this new professional path.

Among the cheapest flight companies are Vueling and Ryanair.

Step 7: Open your account with a bank in Ireland

Finally and another very important step, you will need to open a bank account in Cyprus . To do this, you will need to transfer your residence and register in one of its cities. 

However, unlike other countries, in Cyprus it is not necessary to have an open bank account in the country to be able to collect your salary , since they have a very solid banking system. 

In any case, we recommend that if you are going to work in Cyprus for a while and want to open a bank account, you do so in any of these banks. 

  • The Lebanese Byblos.
  • Alfa.
  • Euro.
  • Hellenic Bank

Frequently Asked Questions about Jobs in Cyprus

Next, we will solve all the doubts you may have before going to look for job opportunities in Cyprus.

1. Where to look for work in Cyprus?

This is the most common question that arises to all people who want to go to work in Cyprus or look forjobs abroadWhere does it start? That I have to do? What are the safest job portals or agencies in Cyprus?

Our recommendation is that you start from less to more, that is, consult web portals such as Linkendin, Joabatus, Euraxess, Infojobs... Do not forget the local newspapers, since in Cyprus there are many companies that continue to use local newspapers to make job offers in Cyprus.

On the other hand, you have the temporary work agencies in Cyprus, the best known being Adecco and ManPower. If you want to continue inquiring about companies that offer jobs in Cyprus for young people, you can consult them on the official website of the country (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

On the web, you can find all the information about them and how to contact them to leave your CV in order to work in Cyprus.

2. What is the minimum wage in Cyprus?

The minimum salary in Cyprus is stipulated at around €870 with 12 annual payments working 5 days a week, with 20 vacation days and 14 holidays. As for the average salary, we can set it at around €2,000.

The working day is from 38 to 40 hours, very similar to Spain in this sense and to the rest of the countries of the European Union.

3. Do I need any type of visa to work in Cyprus?

To work in Cyprus you do not need a visa as long as you are Spanish or a citizen of the Union. However, this does not exempt you from applying for a residence and work permit once the 90 days of your entry into the country have passed.

For the rest of the non-EU countries, a visa is necessary to find work in Cyprus legally. So, if you are young and want a job in Cyprus, you must apply for this visa at the immigration and documentation offices of your country of origin.

4. Taxes at Work in Cyprus

Cyprus is not a "tax haven", but the system is very well structured, so that in addition to having good social security, there is an "invitation" for foreign companies to invest capital there. This is the way they are growing.

That being the case, another option if you want to go to live and work in Cyprus is to move your business, something that today can mean very little (due to the emergence of digital businesses) and be able to obtain a good standard of living.

To begin with, personal income tax is 35% in the highest section, which is from €60,000 per year of income, in the lowest, between €19,500 and €28,000, 20% is paid.

In addition, VAT in Cyprus is 19%, this being one of the lowest in Europe. As for Social Security, an employee pays 17% of his salary and the self-employed pay 16% of estimated income.

Seen what has been seen, these are good conditions that allow Cyprus to be taken into account to go and live not only as an "employee" but also as an entrepreneur. In both cases, it can be a good option although, logically, this is not the only thing we are going to look at when moving to another country.

6. Working Life in Cyprus

Being a Mediterranean island and with the good climate they have, it is reason to think that the job offer in Cyprus is wide as far as the tourist world is concerned.

Spaniards or Spanish-speakers (especially young people) have opportunities to find employment in Cyprus (even if it is temporary) and live the experience of working abroad.

However, that is not all, sectors such as finance, telecommunications, electrical and computer engineering are growing at an enormous speed in the small Mediterranean country.

That means that you can have real opportunities to find employment in Cyprus for young people in those sectors coming from abroad. To do this, we will be able to do it in English, although it is true that having knowledge of Greek can help you a lot.

In general, we can work in Cyprus in industries such as:

  • Tourism.
  • Light industry.
  • Real estate.
  • Finance.
  • Energy.
  • Investment funds.

In addition, we can always have things like the job of teaching Spanish in Cyprus (or languages) in which, if we "move" well, we can find good opportunities.

It is also worth noting the facilities that we find in the country in terms of taxes, which makes the topic of taking our business there very interesting (especially if we have it through the internet).

7. The language to work in Cyprus

The ideal is that you know some Greek if you want to go to work in Cyprus, however, if you have basic knowledge of English it is enough, although the higher your level of English, the better job opportunities in Cyprus for young people you will be able to access.

In recent years, the demand for labor has grown and this has benefited many people who do not speak English, since the same local companies hire young people and pay for intensive English courses for their workers.

So, if your level of English is basic, don't worry and don't miss out on the opportunity to get a job in Cyprus for young people!

8. Life in Cyprus

Life in Cyprus can be said to be quite comfortable, although the first few months you have to break the language barrier. At the work level, the most used language is English, so if you have a good level, you have plenty of opportunities to work in Cyprus.

In relation to the standard of living and salaries in Cyprus, they are comparable to the Spanish, being slightly above the European average. Cyprus is a country to go to work, since it is in full economic development and is the favorite destination for entrepreneurial companies.